Here at Akeri Tax, we don’t just do tax returns for businesses, we’re also here to help out any trustees managing an SMSF or self-managed super fund. Like many other enterprises, those running SMSFs have seen their accountancy bills skyrocket in recent times. If you’re not wanting to pay ridiculous fees for an accountancy service, maybe the time has come to look elsewhere. If you are starting to think about finding a more affordable way to get your SMSF tax returns lodged, start with Akeri Tax.

Running a self-managed super fund can get a little tricky, and that tends to bleed over into your tax return. However, when it does come time to file your tax return, you need only to file an SMSF tax return. However, doing your own accounting can lead to mistakes. Minor mistakes can cause major problems down the line, so if you’re not interested in paying big fines, you need to seek out a professional advise. At Akeri Tax, we have a whole team of talented professional accountants who can handle your SMSF tax return with ease, and get it sorted in no time at all.

What is an SMSF?

Unsure about what an SMSF is? Let our handy guide explain it to you. A self-managed super fund is basically a way of structuring a superannuation trust. Like any super fund, the members of an SMSF will see big benefits from it when they retire, provided they pay in for the entirety of their working life. There is a key difference between an SMSF and regular super funds, and the secret is in the name i.e Self-managed. In an SMSF the members also serve as trustees. There’s a set limit as to how many members there can be, generally between one and five people can be part of one. This gives an SMSF a big advantage over traditional super schemes, is that when you’re in an SMSF you have a lot more control over how the fund operates.

SMSFs exist so that those in the fund can have a comfortable retirement. So in that respect, it’s really just like any other super scheme. SMSFs also have a few important details that are unique to them. An SMSF will have its own Tax File Number, which is essential for when you want to file your SMSF tax return. You’ll also find that SMSFs have their own ABN number and their own bank account. The bank account is pretty important. This gives SMSFs the ability to receive transactions from their members, and make investments into other areas. When your SMSF makes an investment it will be in its name, not yours, but you will be able to control when and where your SMSF decides to invest its money.

You have a few key responsibilities as an SMSF trustee. For one, as we discussed earlier, you get a say in how any investments your SMSF wants to make play out. This means everything from where you invest, to how you’ll go about strategizing to maximise the benefit to the trustees. There’s also a few administrative duties you’ll have to see to. These will include things like the maintaining of records, ensuring you’ve got all your financial statements, and of course your SMSF tax return. Because of how complicated all this can get many SMSFs to seek out advice and assistance from professional accounting firms. However, these firms can run quite expensive. Instead of going the traditional route, you should call Akeri Tax instead and get a fast and affordable SMSF taken care of in no time at all.

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SMSF Tax Return NSW

If you’re running an SMSF in Victoria you’ve made a great decision. Planning for your retirement is something that more people should take into account. As a trustee, however, you do have the responsibility to ensure you file your SMSF tax return every year. Unfortunately, between investments and other things, the mechanics of filing and SMSF tax return yourself can become extremely complicated. That’s why seeking out a professional accounting service is your best option. Unfortunately, you might end up paying very high rates with a more traditional accountant. But if you call up Akeri Tax or fill in our form you’ll know that you’ll be getting a top quality accountant at a more than affordable price. Don’t wait, if you’re in Melbourne get in touch with us today!

SMSF Tax Return Victoria

Anyone looking for an SMSF tax return in NSW should definitely take advantage of our service. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the big smoke in Sydney or supporting the Knights in Newcastle or out in Wollongong, we can help. With all the complicated elements involved in running an SMSF, it really pays to make sure the tax part is simple. We can help you lodge your SMSF tax return with ATO, and we can make sure it’s all done really quickly. If you don’t want to keep paying high prices for accountants, call us today.

SMSF Tax Return Queensland

Trying to figure out a way to get your SMSF tax return sorted in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine coast? Get in touch with Akeri Tax. We can help. When you’re in SMSF things can get pretty complicated and doing your SMSF tax return yourself can become a serious problem. If you miss the due date of the 31st of October you could be liable for a fine. Don’t worry, get ready, and get Akeri Tax on the phone. We can help you lodge your SMSF tax return in no time flat. You also will be able to save money on the whole process as we do not charge the outrageous prices that you’ll get quoted from mainstream accountancy services. If you’re in Queensland and looking to get your SMSF tax return lodged, call us today.

SMSF Tax Return Victoria

If you’re in South Australia and want to get your SMSF tax returns lodged quickly and easily, Akeri Tax is the team you want to call. We can ensure that anyone running an SMSF in Adelaide won’t have any problems with ATO. We’ve got everything you need to make sure your SMSF tax return goes smoothly. So long as you give us all the data we need before the 31st of October everything should go fine. If you’re looking to save on accountancy, call Akeri Tax.